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Why Hire a Video Production Company in Phoenix

Small businesses go through an interesting evolution. Many entrepreneurs start out doing everything by themselves. They do the accounting, marketing, sales, operations and every aspect of business. Then they realize outsourcing the accounting makes sense. A CPA charges a lot for their services but they have expertise that saves money. Most entrepreneurs realize early on that it makes sense to outsource the accounting and finance functions to experts. This frees up quite a bit of time to focus on running the business. Gains in productivity help offset the cost of the CPA. Eventually, the business gets large enough to hire a bookkeeper and then a CPA and the accounting functions are brought in-house.

Hiring a film crew or video production company in Phoenix is similar to outsourcing accounting functions. You want to hire expertise to get the job done right without costly mistakes. Here are the top reasons to hire a video production company or film crew.

We Write Scripts

One reason video production companies are able to do the job right the first time without mistakes is the extensive planning and expertise they have in accomplishing a goal. At Arizona Filmworks we rarely do projects without scripts. I cannot tell you how many times (in the hundreds) a client said, “I don’t need a script. I’ll just wing it.” Or, they say, “our CEO has done a hundred of these presentations. He can stand in front of the camera and wing it.” No, he or she cannot wing it.

Writing a script allows us to sit down with you and ask some hard questions. What do you want to accomplish with this video? What is the message you want to convey? How is this going to fit into the branding of your company? The script allows us to plan the shoot. We know how many locations we will need. We know how many music licenses we need to buy. We can choose a color pallet from the location to make wardrobe complimentary. We can plan the most effective visuals to accomplish the goal.

We Have the Expertise

Video is powerful because it combines motion, music, audio, colors, lighting, tone, mood, text, graphics and the image of the right people into a few moments that educate, motivate, inspire and change perspective. You cripple the power of video if you do not know or pay attention to the details that produce these powerful persuaders. Will you use Rembrandt lighting? Clamshell lighting? Flat lighting? Will wardrobe colors clash with the wall? Will you have a foreground, midground and background or just stand an average looking person with no makeup in front of a plant? Will you shoot in HD, 4K, 6K or 8K? Will you use long, fast lenses? Will you take advantage of shallow depth of field? Will the camera move to add interest? Should the color temperature of the lights be 3,200K or 5,400K?

We Have the Right Equipment

It is more than having a camera. You need to know how to use aperture, ISO and shutter speed to produce effects. You need to know lenses and whether a 50mm f1.8 is better than a 600mm f2.8 for this shot. Should the lights be tungsten, HMI, LED or fluorescent? Is the electrical system at location going to handle the lighting choices? Do we need modifiers to produce certain effects? Will we use colors to affect mood? Will wired lavaliers work or do we need wireless? Will a carotid shotgun mic work with a two or three-person interview? Will a teleprompter help the presenter eliminate “uhms” and “ahhs” and make them seem more intelligent?

For the same reason small and mid-sized companies outsource accounting, they should outsource video production. There is a perspective that says, “I grew up recording videos on my cell phone and uploading them to YouTube. I am an expert in video because I have done it all my short life. I never used a script. I never used lights. I never had to color correct anything and I used iMovie to edit. I have 800 followers on Instagram so, I am an expert and we don’t need a script.” That’s like saying, “I used Quickbooks on a high school bookkeeping assignment so I can make the financial decisions for my company.” No one really needs an MBA, right?

Please hire expertise when and where it will make a difference.

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