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Best Video Production Company in Phoenix

Where do you go to find the best Phoenix video production? Right here. Arizona Filmworks is a premier video production company serving Phoenix and Arizona. Often called one of the best video production companies, Arizona Filmworks offers full video production services that are affordable.

Arizona Filmworks follows the Hollywood production model. Feature films are considered individual projects. The best of the best work as freelancers and contractors and are hired for each feature film. This approach helps keep costs low.

The alternative approach is to build a beautiful studio, stock it with expensive equipment and hire a large staff. The problem with this approach is that the studio sits empty most of the time. Most of the videos we do are on location at someone’s business. The only time we use a big studio is when we are doing chromakey special effects and need a large green screen.

The cost of video equipment has been falling but the best equipment still costs tens of thousands of dollars. Again, in the studio approach, most of the equipment (cameras, lights, stands, etc.) sit around idle most of the time.

Hiring staff is the other pitfall of the studio approach. It is great to have talented people trained and ready to work on a project. The problem is paying those people in between projects.

The studio approach to video production in Phoenix has the major issue of enormous overhead. A friend of mine who owned a studio, had the equipment and hired the staff told me, “I have to generate $12,000 per month just to pay the overhead before I get paid.” Even when a video is shot on location, the client is paying something toward the overhead.

There is a better approach to Phoenix video production. The Hollywood approach of staffing for a project allows Arizona Filmworks to hire the best freelancers and contractors, rent the appropriate studio and rent the best equipment for your project. This means you only pay for what your movie costs. You are not paying for staff and equipment sitting idle back at the empty studio.

Call Arizona Filmworks and talk with people who know business as well as media production. We want to help you achieve your goals.

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