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How to Make the Most Successful Video Ever

Measuring success depends on defining a goal. Some people think the most successful video is the one that gets the most views. Others think the most successful video is the one that entertains the most. Still others measure success by the money generated by a video.

If the goal of a video is to attract customers, attention-getting devices might be essential. If the goal is to educate potential customers, a simple, clear, memorable message presented with over-the-top animations might be the most successful.

The process for making the most successful video ever involves the following steps.

1. Define the goal in measurable terms.
2. Define the target market with specific demographics.
3. Decide what will drive sharing.
4. Define the message.
5. Write amazing scripts.
6. Create detailed storyboards.
7. Do all the preproduction tasks like location scouting, casting and hiring crew.
8. Film the amazing script.
9. Create amazing motion graphics and animations.
10. Choose the right music and get licensing.
11. Edit the footage, music and graphics.
12. Post the movie to the right places.
13. Promote the movie.
14. Watch revenue soar.

All of these steps suggest one thing. Hire Arizona Filmworks to partner with you to execute each of these steps in the easiest, most-professional way. Arizona Filmworks will help you define goals and the target market. Arizona Filmworks will help you write the best scripts and storyboards and then take care of all the pre-production, production and post-product tasks so you end up with a video done right.

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