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AI and the Death of Video Production in Phoenix

Artificial Intelligence has exploded across cyber space. ChatGPT is being used to write all kinds of articles from blog posts to legal briefs and real estate descriptions. AI is even being used to write the actual code for websites and applications.

How Will AI Change Video Production?

The video above was created with three different AI platforms. First, MidJourney was used to create a static image of a young lady. Second, ChatGPT was used to create a script for the video. Third, the script was uploaded to WellSaid Labs to create a voiceover. Fourth, the voiceover and static image were uploaded to to create a video. Fifth, AIVA was used to generate a music track that matches the length of the video. Sixth, the video and music track were uploaded to Premiere Pro to be combined and rendered out as an mp4 video.

All these steps were fairly intuitive and easy to complete. The problem is that the lip sync is not perfect, and the avatar looks like an animation. What will AI platforms be capable of in a year? Right now, these platforms could be used to generate a very good explainer video with animated images rather than an avatar spokesmodel.

In terms of video production in Phoenix, a lot of people are going to generate a lot of videos for websites and social media using these AI tools. The fundamental point is that what took a video production company in Phoenix eight to twelve hours to complete can be created by a ten-year-old in 30 minutes.

How Does AI Impact Marketing?

There is a business principle that says, “just because a business owner is capable of programming their own website or filming their own video, does not mean they should spend the valuable time doing so.” Many small business owners will be capable of generating videos or marketing copy using AI. They may try it for a while. Ultimately, they need to outsource this function and focus on running the business. Just like bookkeeping, they need to outsource the function, so they have time to manage the business and do what they do best.

Marketing and advertising agencies that do video (like Arizona Filmworks), will need to offer AI-generated content and media to stay competitive. This is why we stay on the cutting edge of all media technology. We are constantly researching cheaper and better ways to generate the media, websites, and SEO content our clients need and deserve.

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