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Arizona Filmworks - Video Production Phoenix

3D Animation Phoenix

Arizona Filmworks does extensive 3D animation. We have 3D animators in Phoenix, Arizona.

This is a good example of amazing artistic talent combined with expertise in technology to produce phenomenal virtual environments and all types of 3D animation.

This video is one of the many, many 3D projects we have done. You can see examples of waves in the water as well as 3D objects. In this age of pandemic, Skills in creating realistic virtual environments can place people in settings that would be prohibited under pandemic protocols. Using virtual sets and green screen chroma-key technology we can shoot live video with subjects and create that "on-location look."

Here at Arizona Filmworks, do Web videos, TV commercials, music videos, Kickstarter videos, training videos, documentaries, product photography, fashion photography, print media (brochures, business cards, mailers), and Web design and programming. All of this can be augmented with virtual reality using our 3D animation skills.

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